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Enhanced Lightweight Design


ENLIGHT aims to advance highly innovative lightweight material technologies for application in structural vehicle parts of future volume produced Electric Vehicles (EVs) along four axes: performance, manufacturability, cost effectiveness and lifecycle footprint. The main target is to develop viable and sustainable solutions for medium production volume EVs destined to reach the market in the next 8-12 years.

In ENLIGHT each of the principal major weight-incorporating parts of a vehicle will be addressed directly by the five modules: a front module and central floor module, a front door, a sub-frame and suspension system as well as an integrated cockpit & firewall assembly. The specific objectives of the ENLIGHT project are on holistic and integrated conceptual design and manufacturing concerning how the technologies and materials addressed (in combination with materials / forming / joining processes coming from other previous and on-going projects) can be combined into a representative medium-volume EV by around 2020. This design is targeted to have a 20 % additional weight reduction compared to the targets that are pursued in the complementary ALIVE proposal.

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