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What is SEAM

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Safe Efficient Advanced Materials

The European RTD-Cluster on Lightweight Design

In order to coordinate and harmonize the four projects SafeEV, ENLIGHT, ALIVE and MATISSE, the SEAM cluster has been established.

Main purpose of the SEAM cluster is to realize and monitor synergies between the four projects on RTD and demonstration level and to execute joint dissemination and exploitation activities.

The joint dissemination and exploitation activities are coordinated by the SEAM cluster office, which is hosted by the Fraunhofer LBF and Bax & Willems Consulting Venturing.

  • Biggest European RTD-Cluster on lightweight design
  • 47 partner from 10 countries, about 19 Mio. € funding
  • joint dissemination activities between the SEAM projects

Cluster Duration
October 2012 - September 2016

Next Event

The Final Workshop of the SEAM Cluster will take place at the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of the RWTH Aachen University on 22nd September 2016. Participation is free, registration is necessary.

Details about the programme, contact details, venue etc. can be found in this pdf .

The registration form is accessible on the event web site.

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